A new dawn for logistics real estate

Alba is a pan-European developer, manager and owner of logistics real estate. We’re here to transform tomorrow into a worthwhile and sound investment.

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It’s time to rethink logistics real estate

The world of logistics real estate isn’t built on bricks, it’s built on people. And when you listen carefully to their desires and needs, a clear picture of the future emerges. A future that’s planet-, people- and project-proof. Alba will take you there, every step of the way, while listening to your desires and needs. You can build on that.

Our approach


People first Project driven

Our planet demands and deserves a smarter, more sustainable approach to building. Which is why we develop durable, sustainable, circular buildings based on the highest standards, such as BREEAM and Cradle-to-Cradle. What you see is what you get: we’re 100 per cent transparent about our designs, approach and materials.

Our approach

People first

Project driven

Above all, we’re a people-driven company that develops buildings for, and with, people. We make sure our buildings are great places to work in and be around. What’s more, we invest in teamwork as much as in value. Our team is committed to the best service for anyone involved, whether you’re an investor, tenant or user.

Our approach
Planet-proof People first

Project driven

No matter how visionary a project might be, its success will lie in its execution. We develop highly functional buildings that offer exactly what customers need. With the smart use of technology, our experts rethink functionality, ensuring every single detail is hassle-free. From clever apps to automated processes, we’re always one step ahead of the game.

Let’s transform tomorrow into a worthwhile investment

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Alba develops future-proof logistics solutions that deliver long-term value

We believe it’s time to grow towards an economy that has a broader vision on value and where both investors and the planet profit. Let’s combine today’s wisdom with tomorrow’s opportunities to future-proof the way we think about logistics real estate.

Alba is here for investors and tenants who are looking for secure growth. Investing in a better, greener future can seem like an unpredictable undertaking. As a trustworthy transformer, we’ll lead the way by turning challenges into opportunities and uncertainty into long-term value.

We’re transparent in everything we do, opening up the world of real estate and challenging the status quo. Our team is driven to deliver the best results for investors, tenants, users and the planet. Idealistic? We prefer to see it as the new reality. And a smarter one at that!

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Managing Partner

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